Postdoctoral position OT-22109

Postdoctoral researcher in magnetic resonance imaging


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The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE) is a major player in research and innovation. It is a community of 12,000 people with 272 research, experimental research, and support units located in 18 regional centres throughout France. Internationally, INRAE is among the top research organisations in the agricultural and food sciences, plant and animal sciences, as well as in ecology and environmental science. It is the world’s leading research organisation specialising in agriculture, food and the environment. INRAE’s goal is to be a key player in the transitions necessary to address major global challenges. Faced with a growing world population, climate change, resource scarcity, and declining biodiversity, the Institute has a major role to play in building solutions and supporting the necessary acceleration of agricultural, food and environmental transitions.

Work environment, missions and activities

The architecture of biomass is highly complex and variable across species, and can be defined as a continuum of
spatial scales ranging from molecules to particles, polymers, nano-structures, assemblies, cells and tissues. These
scales are highly interconnected and reflect not only the chemical and structural properties of biomass, but above
all its reactivity to transformation processes such as chemical, physical, mechanical or biological reactions.
This post-doctoral contract is part of the project « La Biomasse à toutes les échelles pour comprendre ses
propriétés » (FillingGaps, ANR-23-PEBB-0006, 2023-2026) funded by the French ANR agency through the
program PEPR B-BEST (Programme et Equipement Prioritaire de Recherche Biomasse, biotechnologies,
technologies pour la chimie verte et les énergies renouvelables) co-led by IFPEN and INRAE. The aim of the project
is to develop multi-scale approaches, for representative biomass species, in order to establish relationships
between scales with a view to highlighting markers of biomass properties and reactivity. Within this project, you
will take part in the Correlative Imaging task, and interact with the Mass-spectrometry imaging, Atomic Force
microscopy, Raman spectroscopy team members in order to develop common techniques and tools to
characterize reference plant biomass types at different complementary length-scales.
In particular, you will develop µMRI data acquisition at 9.4 T and associated image analysis methods to study
water distribution and mobility at tissue level in maize and poplar stalks, as well as in marine biomass.
You will work also in collaboration with two other post-doctoral fellows, who will be recruited as part of the
project. One will deploy mass spectrometry imaging, vibrational Raman spectroscopy and atomic force
microscopy, the second will work on methods allowing all image modalities to be merged in order to provide an
integrative vision of the complementary information they convey.
This position is available within the BIBS platform, interacting with the Plant cell wall and polymers (PVPP) team,
two highly collaborative teams working at the interface of technical development and application in plant
You will present your results at leading international conferences in MRI and/or plant spectroscopy, and will
publish in peer review journals.
Your work will be supervised Dr Catherine Deborde. The anticipated start date is October 1, 2024, but reasonable
accommodations can be made for the right candidate.
Related publications of the group*:
1. Fanuel, M.*; Grélard, F.*; Foucat, L.*; Alvarado, C.*; Arnaud, B.; Chateigner-Boutin, A.-L.*; Saulnier, L.*; Legland, D.*; Rogniaux, H.*
Spatial Correlation of Water Distribution and Fine Structure of Arabinoxylans in the Developing Wheat Grain. Carbohydrate Polymers
2022, 294, 119738.
2. Grélard, F.*; Legland, D.*; Fanuel, M.*; Arnaud, B.; Foucat, L.*; Rogniaux, H*. Esmraldi: Efficient Methods for the Fusion of Mass
Spectrometry and Magnetic Resonance Images. BMC Bioinformatics 2021, 22, 56.

3. Chateigner-Boutin, A.L.*; Alvarado, C.*; Devaux, M-F.*; Durand, S.*; Foucat, L.*; Geairon, A.*; Grélard, F.*; Jamme, F.; Rogniaux, H.*;
Saulnier, L.*; Guillon, F.* The endosperm cavity of wheat grains contains a highly hydrated gel of arabinoxylan. Plant Science 2021,
4. Méchin, V.; Reymond, M.; Legland, D.*; El Hage, F. ; Baldy, A.; Griveau, Y.; Jacquemot, M-P.; Coursol, S.; Devaux, M-F.*; Rogniaux, H.*;
Guillon, F*. (2024). Power of Imaging in the Study of Lignocellulosic Biomass Tissues. In: Baumberger, S. (eds) Green Chemistry and Agrofood Industry: Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy. Springer, Cham.

Training and skills


 A PhD degree in MRI, Biomedical engineering, Physics, Physical-Chemistry, Chemistry or Biology;
 Significant experience in MRI acquisition and image processing
 Capacity to quickly acquire new knowledge and master new skills;
 Interest in both hands-on research activities and data analysis;
 Ability to work independently and as a member of a research team;
 Ability to report and communicate results
 Interest in multidisciplinary projects
 Practice with Bruker software
 Knowledge of plant structures

INRAE's life quality

By joining our teams, you benefit from (depending on the type of contract and its duration):

- up to 30 days of annual leave + 15 days "Reduction of Working Time" (for a full time);
parenting support: CESU childcare, leisure services;
- skills development systems: trainingcareer advise;
social support: advice and listening, social assistance and loans;
holiday and leisure services: holiday vouchers, accommodation at preferential rates;
sports and cultural activities;
- collective catering.

How to apply

I send my CV and my motivation letter

Offer reference

  • Contract: Postdoctoral position
  • Duration: 12 month
  • Beginning: 01/10/2024
  • Remuneration: between 2815€ and 3067€/month
  • Reference: OT-22109
  • Deadline: 15/07/2024
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