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Equality and diversity policy

In terms of gender equality and the fight against discrimination, INRAE is committed to the double Equality-Diversity accreditation under what is known as the Label Alliance. This is important to us at both the individual and collective levels, as this approach pursues our objectives of sharing values of welcome, integration, attractiveness and efficiency within our working community.

Updated on 02 January 2020

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An ambition that has formed part of successive HR actions

The double Equality-Diversity accreditation which is central to INRAE’s values forms an important part of the continuity of its HR policies directed towards diversity, the defence of gender equality and the fight against discrimination.

For example, the current HR action plan includes an analysis of diversity and its implications. This clarifies the contributions made by equality and diversities of age, career, profession and skills, facilitates the creation of teams and enables a clearer understanding of the behaviour and contribution of each individual.

As for gender equality, collective efforts are under way to better understand our viewpoints, an important lever to fight against inequalities and to correct them.

Practical achievements:

  • A diagnosis and inventory of the situation within INRAE have been carried out;
  • The first report on gender equality has been published;
  • Training and awareness actions regarding the fight against discrimination and stereotyping have been implemented for managers, the HR Division and pilot Research Centres;
  • A counselling unit has been set up to report individual situations experienced as discrimination or sexual and gender-based violence.

The ALLODISCRIM counselling unit

INRAE is committed to the deliberate prevention of discrimination and sexual or gender-based violence, and a counselling unit has been set up for this purpose.

This is an external structure made available to staff who can report individual situations that they experience as discrimination or sexual and gender-based violence.

Lawyers in this unit will help a staff member to obtain an initial diagnosis regarding the situation, under guarantees of expertise, independence, neutrality and confidentiality.

How to contact this counselling unit:

Preferably via the internet
1. Register online at: 
2. Then select INRAE in the pull-down menu,
3. Enter the employer code: 1911
4. A lawyer will contact you during the time periods you have chosen.

By email

Don't forget the employer code: 1911

By letter
51, rue Bonaparte
75006 PARIS

Don't forget the employer code: 1911

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A good work-life balance

To favour a positive work-life balance (private, professional and community activities, etc.), INRAE can offer arrangements and services to facilitate the organisation of your work, support your family events and provide access to holidays and leisure and sports activities.

02 January 2020

HR Excellence in research

As one of the leading agricultural research organisations in Europe, INRAE counts the construction of the European Research Area and improving its attractiveness to young researchers among its top priorities. INRAE was the first French research organisation to receive the “HR Excellence in Research” label awarded by the European Commission.

02 January 2020

HR policy: an ongoing improvement process

The key issues of our HR action plan concern career support (including contract staff), managing motivation and quality of life at work, international attractiveness, managing work community diversity, and prevention of occupational risks.

02 January 2020