New employee handbook

The new employee handbook was designed to give you more information about how our Institute is organised and its inner workings. Each chapter was written to help you make the most of the many opportunities offered at INRAE.

Updated on 15 May 2022

illustration New employee handbook

new employee handbook cover

Welcome to INRAE!

Whether you join us for a temporary mission or after having successfully passed an open competition for permanent position, the goal of this handbook is to give you a practical introduction to INRAE so that you, as an employee, feel
comfortable at your new workplace.


INRAE - a general description
Organisational structure 
Human resources 
Promoting INRAE - our image 
A friendly and supportive workplace 
Discover and share INRAE’s research 

New employee handbook pdf - 1.64 MB


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Accueil des scientifiques étrangers

Chaque année notre institut accueille de nombreux scientifiques venus du monde entier. Un guide des accueils internationaux, sous forme de site web, est désormais à leur disposition pour faciliter leur venue et leur séjour dans l’institut.

02 January 2020

Paid leave and working hours

This section provides information on the number of days of paid leave you can take as well as work cycle options.

02 January 2020

Rights, obligations and code of conduct

As tenured staff, trainee civil servants and contractual employees of INRAE, you benefit from a particular status that comes with various rights and guarantees as well as certain obligations.

02 January 2020