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Sustainable development policy

Within INRAE, sustainable development activities are attached to the HR Division which is responsible for producing the Institute’s sustainable development and social responsibility policies. These policies are deployed in Research Centres under the responsibility of their Presidents, who benefit from the support of Sustainable Development Policy Officers.

Updated on 02 January 2020

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By committing to social responsibility policies, and through dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders, INRAE is mobilised to contribute to sustainable development goals by maximising the positive impacts and minimising the negative impacts of its activities at the environmental, social and economic levels.

Boosted by these ambitions and this context, INRAE is resolutely committed to ensuring the coherent operation of all its activities based on its scientific policies, in order to achieve sustainable agriculture, healthy food and a preserved environment.

The design and conduct of our research and support activities have impacts of a social, environmental and economic nature where the Institute, as a public organisation, has a duty to act in an exemplary manner. All our professional practices and behaviour at work are concerned, in all professions and at all levels. 

Social responsibility is a strategic approach to responding to the challenges of sustainable development within any organisation. The values that underpin social responsibility are an ethical approach, the transparency of practices and respect for individuals and the environment in the context of professional activities.

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Equality and diversity policy

In terms of gender equality and the fight against discrimination, INRAE is committed to the double Equality-Diversity accreditation under what is known as the Label Alliance. This is important to us at both the individual and collective levels, as this approach pursues our objectives of sharing values of welcome, integration, attractiveness and efficiency within our working community.

12 April 2024

A disability-friendly employer

INRAE has been committed to a voluntary approach for several years. The institute is actively involved in the inclusion of disabled people and is currently developing an overall policy on the issue in order to support employees throughout their careers (recruitment, job integration, and stability).

02 January 2020

A good work-life balance

To favour a positive work-life balance (private, professional and community activities, etc.), INRAE can offer arrangements and services to facilitate the organisation of your work, support your family events and provide access to holidays and leisure and sports activities.

02 January 2020