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Breaking down misconceptions about competitive examinations

You have several questions…You think that competitive examinations are not within your reach… Well think again, this is a misconception, and we will prove you wrong!

Updated on 03 March 2020

illustration Breaking down misconceptions about competitive examinations
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So competitive examinations still exist?

Yes, examinations make it possible to guarantee equal access to public employment for all. Thanks to examinations, all candidates start with equal opportunities.


I don’t stand a chance among so many candidates!

False, we receive 9 applications for each position on average. INRAE competitive examinations are “human-scaled”. The objective is not to organise mass examinations for broad-based positions. Each exam corresponds to a specific occupation.


I will have to spend hours revising!

False, the written exams are within your reach because the proposed exercises concern the core activity that you will practice. Your experience and/or training are your assets for success. And you can train thanks to our past exam papers. As for the oral exam, it is very similar to a standard job interview, with a set of questions / answers.


Common belief number 4

A competitive examination sounds vague… Where would I be assigned and what would I be doing?

At INRAE, before you take the exams, you have access to the specific job description, the list of assignments as well as the job location. You thus apply for a job and workplace of your choice.


Common belief number 5

Registering for a competitive examination is always an arduous task…

False, at INRAE, we are connected! You can register online, it only takes a few minutes.




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What does a competitive examination involve?

Competitive examinations are a gateway to public sector employment, and the main recruitment process for permanent positions. The objective is to guarantee access to all while respecting equal treatment for each candidate.

28 January 2020

Understanding our public service corps according to your profile

When you register for an INRAE competitive examination, it is in view of a specific profession, one that corresponds to your aspirations and skills. So, you don’t understand why we are talking about ‘recruitment corps’. It's simple : when you pass a competitive public service examination, you are integrated into a specific professional ‘corps’. Everything is explained to you!

02 March 2020

The keys to success at an INRAE competitive examination

You would like to apply for a position at INRAE but are not sure what type of examination you should aim for? Find out the conditions for applying, the registration procedures as well as the steps to take for each of our competitive examinations at a glance.

29 January 2020