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A quality workplace

When you join INRAE, you will benefit from excellent working conditions thanks to the Institute’s outstanding premises and facilities and its cutting-edge technological equipment.

Updated on 02 January 2020

illustration A quality workplace

Exceptional premises and facilities

INRAE has unique research and experimental facilities based in 18 centres covering 10,000 hectares. It is present in almost all regions of mainland and overseas France. It has two head offices, one in Paris and the other in Antony (Paris region).

The Institute has strong regional roots with more than 70% of staff based outside the Paris region.

Job offers provide an opportunity to work in a variety of regions. 

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Vue Centre INRAE1

Vue Centre INRAE2

Cutting-edge technological equipment

INRAE has unique research and experimental facilities. These include more than 200 research units and around fifty experimental units and platforms, a network that has no equivalent in Europe:

- genetic resource centres,
- environmental observatories,
- technology platforms,
- experimental plots.

Some examples:

Centre National de Ressources Génomiques Végétales

The National Centre for Plant Genomic Resources (CNRGV) is an infrastructure unique in Europe, dedicated to studying the genomes of plants of agronomic interest.  It centralises resources, skills and technologies, and maintains permanent partnerships with the international public and private scientific communities. More than 350 laboratories throughout the world have already requested the resources of the CNRGV, and more than three million samples have been distributed worldwide during the past five years (more than six million since the Centre first opened).

INRAE-Occitanie Toulouse


Plateforme de phénotypage haut-débit Phéno3C

The high-throughput phenotyping platform Pheno3C can study, under semi-controlled conditions, the effects of climate change (water stress and CO2)  on the performance of arable crops in the field. Pheno3C is available for use by scientists from the public and private sectors working on phenotyping at both the national and international levels.

INRAE-Clermont Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


Plateforme Rennaise d'Imagerie et Spectroscopie structurale et Métabolique

The Rennes Imaging and Structural Spectroscopy and Metabolic Platform (PRISM) in which INRAE ​​participates, in partnership with the University of Rennes, has a unique set of medical imaging equipment in Europe. The platform offers 4 types of offers: multi-modality imaging applied to the pig model, multi-scale MRI and NMR in agronomy and food industry, MRI and SRM of small animals and clinical applications, structural and biological NMR spectroscopy.



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Rights, obligations and code of conduct

As tenured staff, trainee civil servants and contractual employees of INRAE, you benefit from a particular status that comes with various rights and guarantees as well as certain obligations.

02 January 2020

Accueil des scientifiques étrangers

Chaque année notre institut accueille de nombreux scientifiques venus du monde entier. Un guide des accueils internationaux, sous forme de site web, est désormais à leur disposition pour faciliter leur venue et leur séjour dans l’institut.

02 January 2020

You passed an INRAE competitive exam

When you pass one of INRAE’s competitive recruitment exams, you will join the ranks of France’s civil servants. You initially have the status of trainee civil servant, which will then become tenured civil servant following the successful completion of your training period. Here are a few guidelines to help you understand career development at INRAE.

02 January 2020