Temporary position OT-13420

European Project Manager


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INRAE presentation

The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (INRAE) is a public research establishment. It is a community of 12,000 people with more than 200 research units and 42 experimental units located throughout France. The institute is among the world leaders in agricultural and food sciences, in plant and animal sciences, and is 11th in the world in ecology and environment. INRAE’s main goal is to be a key player in the transitions necessary to address major global challenges. In the face of the increase in population, climate change, scarcity of resources and decline in biodiversity, the institute develops solutions for multiperformance agriculture, high quality food and sustainable management of resources and ecosystems.

Work environment, missions and activities

You will be welcomed into the GenPhySE unit (Genetics, Physiology and Breeding Systems), located in Castanet-Tolosan (31). You will be attached to the GeSPR research team which is interested in the genetic determinism of resilience and efficiency (R&E) traits in small ruminants, in the context of agro-ecological transition.

As such, the team has been coordinating the H2020 SMARTER project since November 2018 (https://www.smarterproject.eu/). This large-scale project (26 partners from 13 European countries, 7 million euros) aims to develop new and collaborative strategies to improve R&E in the sheep and goat sectors, at animal and population level / breed and breeding system. The objective of SMARTER is to propose new breeding methods taking into account the resilience and efficiency of animals for economically, socially and environmentally sustainable farms.


You will act as a project manager in support of the project coordinator for the monitoring, coordination and animation of the SMARTER project. Several scientists from the team are involved in the different tasks of the project and you will thus benefit from a close environment conducive to understanding all the scientific components of SMARTER.

You can occasionally provide your support to another European project coordinated by the same unit (GEroNIMO: Genome and Epigenome eNabled breedIng in MOnogastrics) on equivalent tasks.


You will be under the direct responsibility of the project coordinator and will be more particularly in charge of:

  • Contribute, in close support to the coordinator, to the general scientific coordination of the project (internal and external communication, animation and information management with and between partners, proofreading of Deliverable and Milestone, help in monitoring and management of the project).
  • Organize the "European summer course" to be held in April 2022, in collaboration with the EAAP (European Federation of Animal Science) partner responsible for this task (coordination of scientific content, contacts with stakeholders, logistics organization).
  • Organize annual general meetings (26 partners), face-to-face or virtually, depending on the current health situation.
  •  Ensure for and with French non-academic partners (Race de France and Capgenes) the setting up of Round Tables organized in France under their aegis (coordination of scientific content and stakeholders, logistics organization).
  • Coordinate, in support of the coordinator, the preparation of the final report (collection of information from all project partners, contribution to the writing of the report, critical proofreading and editing).

Location in Toulouse, with occasional trips for meetings / project events in France and Europe

- Intensive use of English (oral and written)

- Agile use of remote communication tools (emails, telephone, videoconferences, etc.) and meeting facilitation.

Training and skills

  • Degree required: Doctorate / Engineering graduate
  • Recommended training: Agricultural engineer and / or doctorate in animal sciences
  • Desired knowledge: Good knowledge of animal sciences
  • Experience appreciated: if possible experience in project management or scientific popularization


  • Skills sought:

o   Advanced practice of English (oral and written)

o   Synthetic mind and excellent communication and personal organization skills

o   Dynamism, sense of responsibility and ability to work in a team.

INRAE's life quality

By joining our teams, you benefit from (depending on the type of contract and its duration):

- up to 30 days of annual leave + 15 days "Reduction of Working Time" (for a full time);
parenting support: CESU childcare, leisure services;
- skills development systems: trainingcareer advise;
social support: advice and listening, social assistance and loans;
holiday and leisure services: holiday vouchers, accommodation at preferential rates;
sports and cultural activities;
- collective catering.

How to apply

I send my CV and my motivation letter

Offer reference

  • Contract: Temporary position
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Beginning: As soon as possible
  • Remuneration: 2371 € / 2554 € per month, depending on experience
  • Reference: OT-13420
  • Dealine: 01/02/2022