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Open competitions for research scientists - Call for research projects (CRCN)

Updated on 23 December 2022

This recruitment campaign is aimed principally at researchers at the beginning of their careers who have already shown their ability to produce research of excellence under supervision, attested by high-level publications.

Candidates must be prepared to work independently and propose an ambitious research project in INRAE’s main areas of research: Agriculture, Food, Environment. 

In accordance with the missions assigned to INRAE research staff, you must not only contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge in your fields of expertise but also help transfer the results of their research to society: social and economic applications, dissemination of scientific and technical information, training in and through research, and developing scientific exchanges with other countries. You must above all make progress on the research topic given to you and systematically publish the results obtained.

Next opening mid-2024

- opening date for applications: to specify
- deadline for applications: to specify
- pre-selections (on application file): to specify
- final selections (by interview): to specify
- starting date: to specify

Useful information for applying will be available on this webpage on the day registration opens. If you would like to receive a notification in your mailbox to be informed the D-Day, do not hesitate to create your job alert. See you soon on INRAE ​​Jobs!

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