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Tenure-Track Junior Professor Chairs

Updated on 30 October 2023

Junior Professor Chairs are primarily recruited among researchers who have shown throughout their careers their ability to produce world-class research, confirmed by high-quality publications, with experience in project coordination and leadership. After a probationary period of 3 years and following a tenure review, you will be awarded tenure at INRAE as a research director (DR2) further to approval of the tenure committee.

A research and teaching agreement will specify the path you will follow towards full-tenure and enable you to acquire the qualifications necessary to become a full-tenure Research Director in your field.

2024 campaign calendar soon available

- Opening date for applications: information to come
- Deadline for applications: information to come
- Pre-selections (on scientific file): information to come
- Final selections (interview): information to come
- Starting date for appointments: information to come

Useful information for applying will be available on this webpage on the day registration opens. If you would like to receive a notification in your mailbox to be informed the D-Day, do not hesitate to create your job alert. See you soon on INRAE ​​Jobs!


The essentials to know about chair position pdf - 1.73 MB

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