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Open competitions for research directors (DR2)

Updated on 21 June 2022

These open competitions are intended for experienced researchers. Research directors are recognized experts, committed to joint scientific leadership, able to design, lead, coordinate, and promote research, in particular at European and international level.

Candidates who do not belong to the French tenured civil service category of 'Chargé de recherche' (Research Scientist) must have a PhD (or equivalent) and 8 years' experience in research after PhD, or can justify scientific work judged to be equivalent to these conditions.

Each candidate will present a well thought-out, coherent project that falls within INRAE's research themes. The candidate will detail the objectives and the purpose, the human and material resources likely to be used, as well as any indications regarding the feasibility of this project. They must underline its collective dimension and its forward-looking nature.

41 positions offered
Scientific disciplines Positions offered
Agriculture, economic and digital data 9
Food, bioprocesses, microbiology 11
Plant and animal genetics, animal health, physiology 12
Environment, ecosystems, plant health 9
Campaign calendar

- Opening date for applications: June 21, 2022
- Deadline for applications: August 23, 2022
- Pre-selections: October 2022
- Final selections: November 2022
- Starting date for appointments: from January 2023

Guide for applicants DR2 2022.pdf pdf - 4.71 MB

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Before any application form, we invite you to read the candidates guide carefully.

Guide for applicants 2022 pdf - 4.71 MB

Applicants are asked to favor online registration

  • Online application CLICK HERE Online registrations open until August 23, 2022 at 5 p.m. Paris time.

    Would you please submit an online application where all the information concerning your job application is sent together in a single file on the e-competition interface. Thank you for your understanding.

    In the event that you are unable to send in your application via the e-competition interface, please refer to the candidates guide for details on how to apply otherwise.

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