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Open competions for research scientists (CRCN)

Updated on 03 February 2020

Each year, INRAE organises open competitions to recruit research scientists on permanent positions. The recruitment campaign is generally aimed at researchers who have recently obtained their PhD. Candidates are recruited on the basis of their scientific competence which they will put to the service of INRAE's major research axes by responding to a research topic. Candidates must have published articles on the results of their PhD.

Campaign calendar:

- Opening date for applications: January 30, 2020
- Deadline for applications: March 5, 2020
- Pre-selections: April-May 2020
- Final selections: May-June 2020
- Starting date for appointments: from September 2020

Registrations are closed since March 5, 2020 at 5 p.m. (Paris time). The selection process is underway. Applicants who have applied will be informed of the outcome of their application.


Organisation of the final admission phase of open competitions for research scientists

Considering the current situation, the final admission tests of the open competitions for research scientists (CRCN) will be held according to the scheduled calendar and will be adapted to best guarantee health protection measures.

For candidates who can travel, the auditions will be held by video-conference at the INRAE centre closest to where they live. The video-conference venues will be disinfected after the audition of each candidate.

By way of derogation and in accordance with existing regulations, for candidates who cannot travel to an INRAE centre, specific arrangements will be made for video-conferencing.

For more information, please contact:

Guide for applicants 2020 pdf - 2.35 MB

contact us

Send your questions to: 

Shortlisted candidates (based on applications) will be interviewed by the selection board (final selection).  Physical presence of candidates is absolutely required during the final selection.

Competitions results of 1st round shortlisting and 2nd round final selection will be notified by email from no-reply (consult regularly your emails and spams).

The list of candidates shortlisted and successful will be posted en INRAE Job's French web site. You will find also  the dates of two rounds and selection board composition (only in French).

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