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A proactive approach to preventing discrimination and sexual and/or sexist abuse at INRAE: the Allodiscrim Counselling Centre

INRAE is a public employer concerned about the quality of the work environment we provide to all our co-workers, whatever their gender may be. In pursuit of our goals of shared values, respect and inclusion, INRAE is particularly involved in preventing and combatting discrimination and sexual and/or sexist abuse.

Updated on 01 June 2021

illustration A proactive approach to preventing discrimination and sexual and/or sexist abuse at INRAE: the Allodiscrim Counselling Centre
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To allow our staff to report individual situations perceived as discrimination or sexual and/or sexist abuse, INRAE has set up an independent counselling centre run by Allodiscrim.

Made up of specialised legal counsels, this centre allows staff to get information and advice based on an initial assessment of their situation with the assurances of expertise, independence, neutrality and confidentiality.

The counselling centre can be contacted by both tenured and contract staff at INRAE for up to six months after their departure. Applicants for positions at INRAE may also contract the centre but only by post.

How can you contact the counselling centre?

• By Internet: https://allodiscrim.wethics.eu/app
• By email: allodiscrim@orange.fr
• By post: 51 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Don't forget to include the employer code: 1911

This is additional measure to the arrangements that INRAE already has in-house to combat discrimination and sexual and/or sexist abuse.

Allodiscrim Counselling Centre flyer pdf - 265.46 KB

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Equality and diversity policy

In terms of gender equality and the fight against discrimination, INRAE is committed to the double Equality-Diversity accreditation under what is known as the Label Alliance. This is important to us at both the individual and collective levels, as this approach pursues our objectives of sharing values of welcome, integration, attractiveness and efficiency within our working community.

12 April 2024

HR Excellence in research

As one of the leading agricultural research organisations in Europe, INRAE counts the construction of the European Research Area and improving its attractiveness to young researchers among its top priorities. INRAE was the first French research organisation to receive the “HR Excellence in Research” label awarded by the European Commission.

02 January 2020

A good work-life balance

To favour a positive work-life balance (private, professional and community activities, etc.), INRAE can offer arrangements and services to facilitate the organisation of your work, support your family events and provide access to holidays and leisure and sports activities.

02 January 2020