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INRAE is recruiting 42 Research Directors until August 20, 2024

Competitions for the recruitment of second class research directors (DR2) are intended for experienced researchers.

Updated on 18 June 2024

illustration INRAE is recruiting 42 Research Directors until August 20, 2024

Becoming a research director is a complete change in direction in the career of a researcher.

Research directors are recognized experts, committed to joint scientific leadership, able to design, lead, coordinate, and promote research, in particular at European and international level.

What are the conditions for applying?

42 positions offered during the 2024 open competition campaign

1/ Research Director open competitions are open to candidates belonging to the French tenured civil service category of 'Chargé de recherche' (Research Scientist) and who have been an Experienced Research Scientist for a minimum of three years at the time of application.

2 / Candidates who do not belong to the French tenured civil service category of 'Chargé de recherche' (Research Scientist) must have a PhD (or equivalent) and have 8 years' experience in research after PhD, or can justify scientific work judged to be equivalent to these conditions.

What are the application assessment criteria?

We expect the candidates to have shown their ability to design and coordinate research work, which is why the selection board is primarily interested in:

  • Proven personal work and accomplishments (academic and transfer)
  • The ability to design and lead a research project coherent with the thematic orientations of INRAE
  • The combination of research activities and knowledge diffusion and promotion (expert assessments supporting public policies, transfer to civil society and/or the economic sector, teaching, etc.)
  • Supervision of doctoral students
  • Coordination of international and European projects or projects funded by the National Research Agency
  • The establishment and coordination of collaborative networks
  • Thematic and/or geographic mobility

Each candidate will present a well thought-out, coherent project that falls within INRAE's research themes. The candidate will detail the objectives and the purpose, the human and material resources likely to be used, as well as any indications regarding the feasibility of this project. They must underline its collective dimension and its forward-looking nature.

How to apply?

All information to apply (guide for applicants, online registration) is available here:



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