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Open competions for research scientists - on job profiles (CRCN)

Updated on 02 February 2021

Each year, INRAE organises open competitions to recruit research scientists on permanent positions. The recruitment campaign is generally aimed at researchers who have recently obtained their PhD. Candidates are recruited on the basis of their scientific competence which they will put to the service of INRAE's major research axes by responding to a research topic. Candidates must have published articles on the results of their PhD.

Would you like to take part in public research and participate in projects which are vital for society such as adapting to climate change, food security, human health and preserving natural resources? Then join our research teams by sending in your application to our open competitions for research scientists.

The 2021 positions are in the following fields:  agronomy, forestry and livestock research - molecular biology - ecology - economics - genetics – genomics and other omics approaches – geochemistry and biogeochemistry  - geography and geomatics – computer science and artificial intelligence  - biological and environmental engineering - instrumentation, robotics and imaging - mathematics – mathematics and informatics for living organisms and the environment - neurosciences and behavioural sciences - nutrition - physiology - physics, chemistry, material sciences - sociology.

2021 campaign calendar:

- Opening date for applications: February 2, 2021
- Deadline for applications: March 4, 2021
- Pre-selections: April-May 2021
- Final selections: May-June 2021
- Starting date for appointments: from September 2021

Given the current situation, would you please submit an online application where all the information concerning your job application is sent together in a single file on the e-competition interface. Thank you for your understanding.

In the event that you are unable to send in your application via the e-competition interface, please refer to the candidates guide for details on how to apply otherwise.


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Before any application form, we invite you to read the candidates guide carefully.

Guide for applicants pdf - 3.49 MB

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