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Recruitment campaign for research scientists and engineers with disabilities

Do you hold a PhD or engineering degree, do you have a title recognizing your disability and would you like to join our research teams and participate in their scientific discoveries? Don’t hesitate to respond to our call for applications! Positions as research scientists or engineers are being reserved for disabled workers who are recruited on a contractual basis rather than through the usual competitive process. If you are selected, you will receive a fixed-term one-year contract at the end of which you may be considered for tenure if you have demonstrated appropriate professional skills.

Updated on 01 February 2021

illustration Recruitment campaign for research scientists and engineers with disabilities
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This recruitment campaign is open to individuals who are officially registered as disabled.

This is a call for applications, so there are no job descriptions available for consultation.

The applications we receive will enable us to select potential employees whose research capabilities are in line with the Institute’s scientific priorities: faced with population growth, climate change, increasingly scarce resources and the decline of biodiversity, INRAE is developing solutions to enable multi-performance agriculture, high-quality food and the sustainable management of resources and ecosystems.

Candidates who wish to apply for positions as Research Engineers (IR) must hold an engineering degree or a PhD (or equivalent). Candidates who wish to become Research Scientists (CRCN) must hold a PhD (or equivalent).

This recruitment campaign is open until 5 March 2021

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Rights, obligations and code of conduct

As tenured staff, trainee civil servants and contractual employees of INRAE, you benefit from a particular status that comes with various rights and guarantees as well as certain obligations.

02 January 2020

Paid leave and working hours

This section provides information on the number of days of paid leave you can take as well as work cycle options.

02 January 2020

A quality workplace

When you join INRAE, you will benefit from excellent working conditions thanks to the Institute’s outstanding premises and facilities and its cutting-edge technological equipment.

02 January 2020